Cloud Cybersecurity @ the Next Level

Why security breaches are increasing across the globe? There is a continued new threat happening every day, and with governments that are using cyber threats as a new battlefield makes it more imperative to stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve and protect your data and privacy.

The growing trends are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) malware (malbots), and IoT access threats, rendering traditional firewall and threat defenses useless against them since they occur behind the firewall perimeter.

With that the growing 2020 security trends are:

  • AI will play an increasing role in both cyber-attack and defense
  • Political and economic divisions (trade wars) between east and west lead to increased security threats
  • Political interference increasingly common and increasingly sophisticated (disinformation campaigns and fake news in US presidential elections)
  • The cybersecurity skills gap continues to grow
  • Vehicle hacking and data theft increases

Need to move to the Next Level of Defense:

With growing regulatory and privacy requirements most organizations are overwhelmed and don’t have the capability and knowledge to assure they are compliant with:

  • SOX – Financial data security requirements
  • PCI – Credit card privacy data requirements
  • HIPAA (PHI) – Healthcare Privacy Data requirements
  • GDPR – General Personal Data Privacy requirements

Addressing all regulatory and privacy requirements organizations need to start to build a security strategy plan that is flexible and has the capability of changing to the growing types of threats that are coming from all fronts.  The security strategy plan needs to address the following:

  • Security orchestration model that can respond immediately to threats or breaches 
  • Have a mechanism and capability to collect data and discover workflow anomalies from all devices (IoT edge devices growing by billions)
  • Automate alerts, setup policies that can integrate into existing firewalls, making firewalls still useful
  • Create a cybersecurity policy performance dashboard to show real time and historical compliance to all data protection requirements.

Need to have a sophisticated cybersecurity team:

As one of the key trends of 2020, a serious lack of cybersecurity skill sets, continued training requirements, changing security threats is still prominent in most organizations. The cost of growing a top-notch sophisticated cybersecurity team is not always realistic for most SMBs and large enterprises struggle as well to keep a leading-edge security team.

There is a way to get the level of cybersecurity to address 2020 and beyond threats and keep current with data protection and regulatory requirements. Scalecloud has the capability of providing a CISO as a service, automate your security data compliance dashboard to have real-time compliance and threat defense monitoring with a Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service.

Bring us in for a quick assessment of your security threat and compliance profile.

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Blog written by Joe Van Beeck, PhD & Chief Cloud Architect

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